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Pompon Bazar relates to both my Mediterranean origins and my passions. I am delighted to share them with you in my Parisian boutiques and on this website: an exclusive range of handmade crafts for all decorative pieces, both large and modest, selected as though I intended to install them in my own interior, in natural and comfortable materials, with charming accessories. Their common denominators are their artisanal weave and their style.

From my Italian roots, I have maintained a pronounced taste for plays of light and colour.

A few childhood memories spring to mind: the wonderful summers spent at my grandmother’s house in the Tuscan countryside and the unrivalled pleasure of slipping into the sheets that she had woven herself. Or nap time with the Persian blinds closed, reflecting on the white walls... Transparencies that I love to find in my selections of openworked drapes and light fixtures made of plant fibres! The lush vegetation and the many scents of the south also inspired my love of flowers, natural materials, and beautiful colours.

Several years later, a new passion began: contemporary art and creation in all of its forms. Once my curiosity was piqued, my eye sharpened, and my open-mindedness and natural penchant for originality and exploration did the rest.

From there began my extensive travels, always with this particularly strong taste for regions of the world in which creativity and craft remain intact. I discovered indigo and the weaving of West Africa, the embroidery of South China, hundreds of different workshops in India, part of the kilims route in Turkey, and so on. Each time, my growing admiration for the expertise of these men and women, these peerless specialists, often working anonymously and in conditions which were sometimes harsh... From these many encounters, the idea took root for a professional project that would pay tribute to these artisans by explaining, presenting, and showcasing their work and the long hours, days, months spent producing works for everyday use or special occasions or contexts.

I am pleased to help you to discover them and to offer you many recommendations in the weeks to come.

Corinne Marchetti