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At Pompon Bazar, we almost exclusively present wool carpets, renowned for their warmth and durability. Their maintenance depends on their specificities.

How to maintain your carpet?

Vacuum your rug as often as possible and occasionally, remember to turn it over to vacuum the reverse side. Also air it out regularly, if possible. If it is located in a high-traffic zone, turn it over every six months to avoid localised wear. If you have an entirely colored or old carpet, do not expose it to direct sunlight as it could fade.

Use of non-skid pads is recommended, particularly for kilims: this stabilises the rug on the floor, making it more comfortable and limiting wear and tear.

Finally, if a liquid is spilled on your rug, absorb the surplus as quickly as possible to avoid the stain over saturating the fibres.

On a modern rug, a benign stain can be cleaned with water mixed with a small dose of wool-wash detergent or with a specific product.

For a more stubborn stain: sauce, wine, red fruit juice, tea... immediately request the help of an expert.

Some of our wool carpets (modern kilims and Beni Ourain) can even be hand- or machine-washed (wool program, with no drying) provided you have room to dry them, preferably flat...

Be aware that jute carpets and water do not mix and they cannot be washed !

For old rugs and kilims, absorb the stain and contact a specialist as quickly as possible. Whatever you do, do not attempt to remove the stain with water: if the pigment of the wool is a plant dye the colors may run.

All that’s left for you to do is enjoy the beauty of your rug and what it brings to your interior: comfort, warmth, and style. It is the ultimate cocooning accessory! A true pleasure to experience in daily life...