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Spray perfume concentrate to spray on our ceramic perfume diffusers.

Let yourself be enchanted by our three perfumes:

- Sovereign lavender: fragrance with soothing notes of Lavender and Benjoin on an exotic background of Amber and Vanilla.

- Mandarin of teas: fresh and fruity citrus fruit agreement delicately blooming in the serenity of green tea and mate. Relaxation and zeal assured!

- Woody mystery: fragrance with natural scents. A fresh and refined fern pairing with subtle spices with a woody and disturbing background.

Make three sprays on the ceramic of our diffusers and let the material soak in the perfume. The diffuser will release a veil of enveloping fragrance for a few days. True concentration of atmosphere, our sprays surround you durably with a perfumed mist. Practical and effective, they gently embalm your interior.


Frosted glass bottle with spray and silver cap.

Repeat the sprays every three days.

At the rate of three "pschitts" every three days, the bottle will last for one month.

Precautions: Keep out of reach of children. Keep away from any flame or spark source. Do not spray into a flame or spark source or connected electrical equipment. Use only for intended use. May trigger an allergic reaction in sensitive persons. Protect from sunlight. Do not spill into the wild.

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Data sheet :

Denat Alcohol 80%/Water/Perfume
5 ml